Growing our community. Building our future.

Just as today’s students benefit from the generosity of past families, students and donors, The Moreton Bay Colleges’ Foundation continues to nurture the spirit of generosity and giving that forms part of the fabric of our schools.

The Foundation supports both Moreton Bay College and Moreton Bay Boys’ College by:

A tradition worth upholding

Gifts to The Foundation are the kind that grow to become something bigger—living landmarks and milestones capable of shaping the trajectory of our Colleges’ future.

Our key funding sources are:

  • Investment growth from a proportion of Building Fund contributions. Tax-deductible donations from current parents contribute to new facilities. Wisely managed, these funds support the College’s master plan initiatives.
  • Donations to bursary funds
  • Grants
  • External corporate sponsorships. The Foundation fosters diverse partnerships and positive relationships, for the long-term benefit of our students.
  • Fundraising primarily through the Foundation’s annual giving day, Business event series, other special events and capital campaigns.
  • Gifts in Wills and other donations

Our open-hearted and visionary Founders began a tradition which we intend to continue growing by strengthening our roots and reaching out to our community.

Investing in the Colleges for today and tomorrow.