Investing in infrastructure

Building new facilities and updating existing ones contributes to providing an outstanding educational experience. By growing our investment, the Foundation is investing in the Colleges’ today, for tomorrow’s world.

Today’s students benefit from the generosity of past families, students and supporters of the Colleges. The Colleges’ ability to fund new capital works are determined largely by the philanthropic support from donors.

Tuition fees cover day-to-day running costs such as teaching and staff salaries, and maintaining and operating existing facilities available to students. Without additional contributions, the Colleges’ cannot meet future capital works costs.

While some government funding is available to top-up the financing of the building projects, it is not sufficient to fund the capital improvement program.

The Foundation is helping to grow the current investment through voluntary contributions to the Building Fund, and seek additional external funding support to build a better future for our students.

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 MBC Year 6 and MBBC Year 2 Classroom renovation, upgrades to the MBC Waller Centre precinct including finishing the weights room and refurbishing a classroom for the Moreton Bay Colleges’ Pre-Prep programme which launched in 2019.

Capital Projects

The Moreton Bay College Foundation is passionate about delivering high quality learning and teaching facilities as well as sporting and cultural facilities for our students. In 2018 the Foundation worked tirelessly to raise funds to build a new library for our young men at Moreton Bay Boys' College. 

MBBC Library

This magnificent state-of-the-art facility, which was opened in late 2018, is a learning hub that integrates spaces for teaching, learning, technology and events. The Foundation thanks all donors for their support of the new library.

The Dollar Family Grandstand

The Foundation worked closely with MBC families to fund a much-needed covered seating area at the John Mason Swimming Pool. We thank all of the families who donated for their contributions. 

Future Campaigns

In 2020 and beyond, we shift our focus to the strong and courageous women of Moreton Bay College in building a tartan running track and hockey field so they can maintain their position as QGSSSA Athletics champions.